Product Sampling. Consumer Feedback. Social Sharing. Coming this fall to Portland, Oregon


SamplingLab has closed our Portland storefront, and is currently pivoting our business model to develop a new approach to product sampling, brand experiences and consumer feedback on new products.

While making that journey, we still want to hear from CPG brands interested in learning more about what's in store for a re-launch in 2017.

Email us at to start the conversation.


Imagine a retail store where everything is free for consumers, and for CPG brands, it's a store that doubles as a marketing platform to help:

  • Get honest consumer feedback to find out what they really think -- far better than traditional in-store or event-based sampling programs ever could
  • Test new products still in development, and those already on the shelf
  • Reach Millennial consumers in a unique, social-friendly setting that's creating unimaginable brand connections
  • Educate consumers on new products, and establish their trust in newly discovered brands

That store, called SamplingLab, exists today in Portland, Ore., and since our launch in December 2014, more than 9,200 Portland consumers have joined SamplingLab to discover new products and tell brands what they think. Our members also have completed nearly 13,000 product surveys.

SamplingLab is fixing the broken approaches to product sampling and consumer feedback that have essentially gone unchanged for decades, and no longer meet the needs of today's brands and consumers.


We're confident when you look more closely at what SamplingLab offers, you'll see how the "comfort zone" of traditional product sampling and consumer insights programs has suddenly become a bit less comfortable.