Product Sampling. Consumer Feedback. Social Sharing. Coming this fall to Portland, Oregon

What is SamplingLab?

SamplingLab has closed our Portland storefront, and is currently pivoting our business model to develop a new approach to product sampling, brand experiences and consumer feedback on new products.

If you thought what we were doing before was cool, just wait.

What is SamplingLab?

SamplingLab is like no other store you’ve seen.

If you like discovering and experiencing products for free in exchange for your opinion about them, SamplingLab is for you. 

Look a bit closer, and you'll discover how SamplingLab's new retail concept lets you:

  • Discover and sample premium products with zero financial risk
  • Tell brands what you think (they're listening!)
  • Share experiences on your social networks

What products does SamplingLab offer? They range from food & beverage and personal care, to household goods, health & beauty and healthy living products – all ready to try immediately in our store or in the comfort of your home. We also periodically sample alcoholic beverages in our store.

SamplingLab’s first store opened Dec. 6, 2014 in Portland, Oregon.

If you represent a brand, and are interested in how to get involved, visit our brand website for more information.