A Message From The Founder

SamplingLab's very first store is just a few weeks from opening in Portland, Oregon, and it's been an amazing experience watching not only an empty retail space evolve into a real store, but also bringing an idea more than a year in the making, to reality.

Our little start-up brand has created a lot of curiosity to say the least, and one we hope will shake up how consumer packaged goods brands think about connecting with consumers, and more importantly, listening to their feedback and fostering a new, co-creation product development culture.  

Though our start-up resources are pretty lean here, we've had a lot of invaluable help along the way to make it happen, namely the retail design and build professionals at Siteworks here in Portland, who created the overall design concept and is overseeing the buildout to bring it to reality.

Kudos to Portland branding and design agency Pollinate, which designed a very creative logo and brand identity, which has received a lot of praise from those who have seen it come together during our pre-launch phase.

There are others to thank, and you know who you are. 

As SamplingLab's founder and owner, I will be posting here as frequently as I can, but once we're up and running with employees, you'll likely see posts here from some of them as well.

Since we're in the business of gathering feedback, we look forward to hearing yours. You can always email me personally at jeff (at) samplinglab (dot) com with questions, suggestions or comments.


-- Jeff Davis, Founder