Brand Benefits

SamplingLab answers the unanswered questions that brands have about their products.

Brand Benefits

No brand knows everything there is to know about their products, nor what customers think of them.

SamplingLab helps answer those critical questions.

We elevate product sampling and consumer feedback to a shareworthy level far above traditional brand activations and ordinary customer surveys. 

Our storefront physically connects brands with consumers to discover what's working and what's not. 

From our standpoint, SamplingLab becomes a natural extension of a brand's product R&D before new products reach store shelves. 

For brands, SamplingLab also serves as a:

● Venue for conducting in-store brand experiences far more valuable than typical activations
● Consumer lab for testing new products, package designs and flavors still in development
● Classroom for consumer product education through demos and seminars
● Catalyst for building customer engagement

Best of all, SamplingLab can become a centerpiece of a brand’s customer listening strategy, where we believe the long-term value truly lies.