Product Sampling. Consumer Feedback. Social Sharing. Coming this fall to Portland, Oregon

How It Works



Social media has fueled a “thumbs up, thumbs down” culture where consumer opinions are freely shared with friends and strangers.

How It Works

Without question, social media has fueled a “thumbs up, thumbs down” culture where consumers freely share their opinions with friends and strangers. 

SamplingLab puts this phenomenon to work for CPG brands with an inviting and casual product discovery environment that encourages product trial, social interaction and honest feedback from consumers.

Compare that to a typical brand activation where strangers on the street simply take a free product and walk away. 



Here’s how SamplingLab works:

1. SamplingLab partners with consumer brands to place their newest products in our store for about 30 days. Customized sampling and research programs also can be developed, including blind taste tests, in-store focus groups and product demos.

2. Consumers browse SamplingLab's store before signing up for a free membership--a prerequisite for product sampling. While we're primarily marketing to Millennials, SamplingLab welcomes all adults wanting to try new products and share their opinions.


3. The free SamplingLab mobile app adds to the in-store experience, by displaying and describing our current product inventory, and enabling members to submit their product surveys right from the app. 



4. After sampling, consumers share their feedback and opinions via a brief questionnaire on in-store iPads or their smart phone. Consumer members must submit the questionnaire in order to continue sampling more products. Product questionnaires are highly customized to ensure brands ask the questions most important to them.

5. To build consumer social engagement, SamplingLab offers incentives and rewards for sampling and social sharing. The more products consumers sample and share on their social networks, the more perks they earn, such as invitations to special events and earning preferred SamplingLab status.