How SamplingLab Works

SamplingLab is like a personal invitation to speak your mind.

How SamplingLab Works

Experiencing new products at SamplingLab is fun and easy.

You first need to become a SamplingLab member. The membership application asks for some basic information about yourself and your interests to help us offer the products you want most.

When you visit our Portland store, you’re invited to browse the store and discover products that most interest you.


We have only two rules at SamplingLab: You may sample only one product per visit; and you need to complete the product survey in order to come back and try something else. 

We believe it's a fair exchange.

Central to how SamplingLab works is customer feedback, which involves a product-specific survey.





The questionnaire not only amplifies your voice to our brand partners, your feedback can help brands make better products that you had a say in developing.

It's like a personal invitation from brands to have your say in what they make.